Three Phase EATON BladeUPS 2
Three Phase EATON BladeUPS
Preassembled system bottom entry
Three Phase EATON BladeUPS 3
Three 12 kW BladeUPS and electrical wire-way module
Three Phase EATON BladeUPS 2
Split rear doors open on Eaton BladeUPS Preassembled System
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EATON BladeUPS Power System

Rackmount UPS
The Eaton BladeUPS is a revolutionary power quality solution that is scalable and modular. BladeUPS rackmount uninterruptible power supply expands power protection from 8 to 60 kW in a single 19-inch rack while reducing energy and cooling costs.

Features & Benefits

• Grows with expanding IT applications using scalable architecture.

• Reduces operating expenses with more flexible, compact configuration options than traditional end-of-row solutions.

• Extends battery service life and optimizes battery recharge time with ABM technology.

• Conserves valuable rack space with power-dense 6U form factor.

• Delivers the highest levels of reliability with patented Powerware Hot Sync paralleling technology

Power Rating 8-60 kW
Voltage 208 Vac and 400 Vac models
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Topology Double conversion on demand
Efficiency Up to 98%
Configuration Rackmount
Product Series EATON
EATON BladeUPS Power System
Power rating 12 kW per UPS module
Efficiency up to 98%
Heat dissipation 371W/1266 BTU/hr at 100% rated load
Cooling Fan cooled, temperature microprocessor monitored; front air entry, rear exhaust
Audible noise, normal operation <60 dBA at 1 meter
Nominal Input Voltage 220/230/240
Input Voltage Range +15%, -20%
Operating Frequency 50 Hz Nominal (adjustable limits +_ 0.01 Hz to +_ 3Hz
Nominal Output Voltage 220/230/240
Output Voltage Regulation

Output Voltage Waveform
± 3% for input voltages of +15% to -20%

Sine wave
Output Voltage THD 5% or less at rated kW load
Overload Capacity 150% surge and 125% for10 min. on line, 150% surge and 110% for 10 minutes on inverter
Transfer Time 0 ms
Lightning, Surge & Noise Protection 2000:1 spike attenuation using ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and C62.45 Category A and Category B tests. Common Mode - >120 dB. Normal Mode - >60dB
Efficiency 85 / 88 / 91 / 90
Safety Certification UL, CSA (cUL), Complies with European Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
EMI Compliance FCC Class A, Complies with European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directve 89/336/EEC
Testing Standards ANSI/EEE C62.41 (1991); ANSI/EEE C62.45 (2002); EN62040-2
Communication RS-232 serial port (DB-25), plus contact closures
Operating Temperature 0 to 40° C
Storage -20° C to +60° C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% without condensation
Audible Noise at 1m 47 / 49 / 51 / 51
Altitude 3, 050m (10,000 ft.) maximum
1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.